Git made easy

Gut is a user-friendly Git CLI for Windows, Mac, and GNU/Linux.
With intuitive commands and streamlined workflows, Gut simplifies the process of using Git's complex system, allowing you to focus on your code.

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A useful set of commands

Here are some of the most useful commands from the gut CLI


Commit your changes with a delightful interface


Fully compatible with Git

You can easily switch between Git and Gut following the same workflow.

Consistent naming of commands

You won't have to search for the right command on Google, Gut uses a consistent naming of commands so that you can easily find them.

Learn Git with Gut

With the explain command, you can learn Git with Gut by seeing the equivalent Git commands.

Leverage cloud

Use Github or Gitlab to diff your changes, or merge your branches.

Credentials management

Gut saves your credentials in your system's keychain, so that you can reuse them across projects.

User experience as a priority

We won't yell at you because you forgot to set your name and email. And if you do a mess, we'll help you fixing it with gut fix. Finally, we'll prevent you from rewriting history so that your coworkers will love you.